4 Reasons Why you Need the Experts For a Blocked Drain

4 Reasons Why you Need the Experts For a Blocked Drain

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A few homeowners will tell you how easy it is to unblock a sink or a toilet at home, yet more often than not, the DIY attempt merely makes the problem worse, and eventually, the distressed homeowner does what he should have done at the very outset, call the drain service company. While it might be true that vinegar or baking soda can unblock a drain, unless you really know what you are doing, and happen to have all the equipment, it is not a good idea to tackle the problem yourself, and if you are still not convinced, here are a few reasons why calling in the professionals makes sense.

  1. Professional Diagnosis – Obviously, if a drainage pipe is blocked, then no waste can run though that piping, and it isn’t just a question of forcing the blockage through, as you first have to determine exactly where the blockage is, and more importantly, what it consists of. A company, such as 3 Flow Drainage that specialises in unblocking domestic drains would have a range of state of the art equipment that allows them to tackle any issue. Only an expert can determine the exact location of the blockage and also its extent, which enables a suitable solution that causes no damage.
  2. Prompt Action is Essential–A blockage can cause an overflow, which immediately impacts plaster, timber and cement, and once dampness arrives, dry or wet rot usually follows. This can be a very costly problem to deal with, and prompt action at the very outset can often avoid any damage to the structure. For this reason, you need the number of an emergency 24-hour drain servicing company stored in your smartphone, just in case.
  3. Minimise Damage – A professional would know what needs to be done, and with all the state of the art equipment at hand in his van, the blockage would be remedied without causing any damage. If a main drainage pipe collapsed, this could turn into something very costly, and it is not recommended to try and tackle the problem yourself. There are online companies that specialise in diagnosing and repairing blocked drains, and with a round the clock service, you can be sure or prompt action at any time of day or night.
  4. Cost Effective Solutions – Any cost that you might incur by calling out a professional service is minimal when you consider what might happen if you try to solve the problem without expert assistance. Some leading companies offer their services with no call out charge, and with no hidden extras, the cost is very reasonable and is the most cost effective way to deal with a blocked drain.

There are some things a home owner can do to reduce the likelihood of a blocked drain, which might include covering all the sink holes with a fine mesh filter, and if you avoid putting food waste down the sink, this will also go a long way towards avoiding a blockage.

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