Bed Bath and Beyond – Practical Advice for Bringing Style to Your Kitchen

Bed Bath and Beyond – Practical Advice for Bringing Style to Your Kitchen

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Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where meals are made, laughs are shared, lunches prepared, and commiseration takes place over pints of Rocky Road. How long has it been since you’ve updated the look of your kitchen though? Do you want all those memories made with outdated décor in the background? Bed Bath and Beyond can help with that. Before you begin your kitchen overhaul, though, it’s a good idea to keep this practical advice in mind.

Organize the Space for How You Plan to Use It

What you really want is to make the new “feel” of your kitchen as practical and convenient as possible. Don’t store the tools and dishes you use once a year, if that, in the most accessible places forcing you to walk around the room to get to the items you use every day. If cabinet or shelf space in your kitchen is limited, consider storing specialty dishes and equipment elsewhere.
Also consider moving high traffic appliances, such as the coffee maker out of your primary work space. This frees up foot traffic where you’re working while leaving the java accessible to other family members.

Prioritize Want vs. Need

In a perfect world we’d all have everything we want in our kitchens. In the real world we have limitations on space, storage, and budgets to take into account. Every item you bring into your kitchen requires all these things so plan accordingly.
Make a list of items you’d love to have, things you’d like to have, and things you can’t live without in your kitchen and prioritize your purchases to include as many, if not all the items you feel you can’t live without and some of the items you’d love to have (that are most important to you and that work within the confines of your available space, storage, and budget).

Look for Ways to Save

When you’re updating the look of your kitchen there are abundant opportunities to save money. When you’re working with bed bath beyond coupon savings can come in quite handy. When you combine those savings with rebate offers, free shipping, and other promotion codes, you just might discover that you save enough money to add some of the other items on your list to your inventory, and perhaps some additional storage space for said items as well.
Put these great tips to work for you and you will have the kitchen of your dreams in short order.

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