The Benefits of Stencilled Concrete

The Benefits of Stencilled Concrete

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Despite concrete containing a relatively constant set of ingredients, the way in which it is mixed and laid can have a dramatic effect on its overall appearance. From exposed aggregate to polished, the possibilities have become endless as we continue to make advancements in construction technology.

Once such advancement is the use of stencilling or stamping, to create a new twist on otherwise generic concrete surfaces. If you’re interested in a new driveway, let us tell you all about stencilling.

What is Stencilled Concrete?

When concrete is laid, it is usually floated to provide a smooth, uniform surface for walking or driving on. Stencilling provides another dimension to the appearance of concrete by making use of a template or stencil to make an indentation in the surface. This indentation can create a number of different patterns, giving the concrete a much more attractive finish.

These stencils are usually made out of a type of paper and then overlaid to freshly poured concrete; when lifted away and the concrete sets, you’re left with your pattern of choice.

What Is Stamped Concrete?

Similar to stencilling, stamping concrete creates an impression by utilising large rubber mats which feature their own pattern full of grooves and ridges. When these mats are pushed into the concrete surface, they leave very distinctive patterns, taking on the appearance of slate tiles or slabs.

Endless Customisation

As well as being able to choose a pattern of your choice, it is also possible to specify a specific colour. Concrete is usually light grey but some customers choose to go with a terracotta coloured finish or even a much darker slate grey colour. The choice is yours, giving you the option of creating something truly unique.

Key Benefits

Stencilled concrete has several benefits over stamping depending on the desired outcome, these can include;

  • A much faster turnaround time. Stencilling is much quicker than stamping concrete which is great for projects which need to adhere to a deadline.
  • Unlike stamping, stencilling is often used indoors and on a much greater variety of projects. Stencilled concrete can make a great alternative to traditional types of flooring such as tiles or stone.
  • Stencilling works well for both horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces. Concrete can be transformed via stencilling to look like the material of your choice. In the right colour, stencilled concrete can take on the appearance of wood, tile, stone and even brickwork.

Locate a Concrete Specialist

You may have a preference for stencilling over stamping or vice versa – you may even like both. Whatever your needs, this technique can be incorporated into your design ideas. Stencilled concrete in Melbourne can be sourced from one of several concrete specialists who operate in the area and have a vast amount of experience working with different types of concrete. If you’re stuck for inspiration, most will be able to show you a portfolio of work, helping you to decide what might look great in your home.

Concrete no longer has to look boring, make use of stencilled concrete to bring a new lease of life to your home.

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