Chemical Blacking: Cost-Effective Component Protection

Chemical Blacking: Cost-Effective Component Protection

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There is one primary reason for choosing blacking metal for your next manufacturing project, though you could list several others. The key reason can be stated in two words: “corrosion resistance.” When you work with a company that provides the finest workmanship in this industry, you will have stronger components that will stand up to the elements and give you longer service.

But to add another benefit to the list, it’s important to mention cost efficiency. This method can give you results at a lower cost when compared to plating and painting. With blacking, only one micron is added to the metal’s surface. This is a negligible amount for almost all components while painting and plating may add significantly more to the surface.

Enhanced Appearance

A chemical blacking kit can also enhance the appearance of the component, which is an important element in design. It’s a very affordable method of making pieces more attractive without adding as much to the cost. For units that will be on display, so to speak, this may be the most important reason for using the process.

The blacking process, sometimes referred to in the past as black oxide, was historically used by weapon manufacturers so that their products were protected from corrosion. The solution was to oxidise the metal surface in the manufacturing process to eliminate the risk of further attack on the surface. While the ancient blacking process is all but lost to modern industry, there is a unique process that works at room temperature.

Some people may know more about the blueing process used on guns or may have even heard about the hot oxide process. This protective technique has many names around the world with the results being similar in each case. Visit the website to learn more about the unique cold blacking process that is safe and easy to use and still delivers the high-quality finish that you need. Components will be able to stand up to the elements and to corrosion at a reasonable cost.


This simple process is, in reality, a dip process that’s an excellent choice for factory use. You receive a uniform colouring on machined surfaces, threads, and blind holes. The process includes a thorough degreasing and immersion in a surface conditioner and then in the blackening solution. Added corrosion protection is delivered by the final immersion in dewatering oil. The metal blacking service is a good choice for iron, steel, aluminium, and zinc.

When you get in touch with one of the leading providers in this special field, you are getting the benefit of several decades of experience. Talk to a representative about scheduling a demonstration on your site or in the provider’s processing facility and demonstration room. You also have access to a free sample service on request and an array of products for effective antiquing and lacquering.

As you gather information, be sure to find out just how the chemical metal blackening process can work for you. Experienced professionals are available to answer your questions. Make the smart choice and choose chemical blacking.

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