What Is the Condition of Your Tile Roof?

What Is the Condition of Your Tile Roof?

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Have you had your tile roof inspected recently? If not, you need to have this service performed to ensure against leaks and water damage. Because a tile roof offers a distinctive look and provides a resilient covering, it is normally easier to maintain than other roofing systems. Although the initial cost of installation is usually higher, the low cost of maintaining it make a tile roof a desirable choice.

The Two Most Popular Roof Tiles

The two most popular tile roofing materials are clay and concrete. Clay tiles offer a strong roofing solution. However, they can still develop cracks over time. Therefore, if a clay roof develops a leak, it is normally due to a crack in the tile. Besides cracks, water can sometimes seep inside of a clay tile because of the deterioration of the tile’s membrane. In other cases, debris may have accumulated along the roof valley.

When any of these issues appear, it is imperative to have roof tile repairs in Perth facilitated immediately. In order to properly fix the problem, turn to a specialist to take care of the repairs. Professionals who fix tile roofs know the characteristics of this type of roof and therefore understand what it takes to ensure a successful repair.

Concrete Profiles

As noted, some roof tiles are made of concrete. Compared to clay, concrete is heavier and more solid. This type of tile is made of a mix of water, sand, and cement. You can buy these tiles in one of three profiles: low-curved tiles, flat tiles, or high curved designs. Both clay and concrete tiles are featured in a range of textures and colours.

If you need to fix a concrete tile, again, it is better to turn the job over to a tile roofing professional. He or she can easily assess the problem and safely fix it. The experts will know how to securely repair a new tile so it integrates nicely with the rest of the roof.

Concrete Repairs

Besides the use of concrete or clay, tiles may also be made of materials such as metal, stone, bitumen, and polymers. However, in most cases, tiles that become damaged are made of concrete. Besides becoming cracked or broken over time, the ridge and hip capping may break away. If the capping becomes loose, it can dislodge during a heavy windstorm or rain.

Other Repairs of Note

Flashings on a tile roof can also become dislodged or damaged. Usually, the repair is performed around chimneys or vents. In addition, if your roof features clay tiles, they may become fretted – a problem that often happens when a property is located close to the shore. Because of salt exposure, the tiles degrade underneath the surface. Whilst the surface of the tiles may appear to be strong, they may have weakened close to the water channel, and therefore may break down when any pressure is applied.

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