Eco Friendly Home Improvements for the Rural Home

Eco Friendly Home Improvements for the Rural Home

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If you are fortunate enough to live outside the city, you will appreciate the clean air and natural beauty that surrounds you. In this environmentally conscious era we live in, people are constantly looking for ways to conserve energy and recycle what they can, and when it comes to home improvements, there are some eco-friendly additions to the home that will really make a difference in more ways than one. If you can manage to improve the home by making your living space more comfortable, and at the same time, reducing energy consumption, then it is a very attractive addition to any household. Here are just a few home improvements you can make to help the worldwide drive to save the planet.

  • Solar Power – Technology has now reached a point where an average home can obtain all the energy it needs from the sun. Like all new technologies, solar panels were initially very expensive and well beyond the reach of a homeowner, but today, you can install an efficient system that will give you all the energy you need, and some more. Yes, the system is still rather expensive, but from the moment you come off the national grid, you are saving a huge amount, and within a few years you would have a return on your investment.
  • Rainwater Conservation – In a rural setting, you can collect enough rainwater for use all year round. State of the art systems with customised tanks make the most out of all the rain, and if you are in the agricultural sector, this would no doubt be most welcome. If your plot of land is located in Western Australia, there are specialised companies that sell all types of water tanks in Perth, and it is possible to have high quality water tanks built to the customer’s exact specifications, which is ideal. The tank liners are specially formulated to keep the water fresh, and with the advice of the supplier, your system will make maximum use of nature’s rainfall, and it will give you many years of faithful service.
  • Windmills – One might have to obtain permission from the local authority, but line of modern windmills will certainly provide you will ample energy. These lightweight windmills generate electricity, which is stored in batteries and they could well become a typical sight in the future, as the world looks for ways to harness clean and renewable energy.
  • LED Lighting – Rural homes tend to have many exterior lights, especially on a farm, and by switching all your incandescent light bulbs to LED units, you will see a significant reduction in your energy consumption. These low input – high output lights come in many shapes and sizes, and you can even buy a roll of LED lights, which really makes it easy to attach them anywhere.

The above ideas will certainly save a lot of energy, and with careful recycling, you and your family can really make a difference in the drive to reduce the negative impact we have on our planet.

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