How to find if a Loft Conversion is Possible

How to find if a Loft Conversion is Possible

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Why bother with a loft conversion?

Where else are you going to set up that model railway! And that really sums up why you should bother with a loft conversion; a loft is generally a waste of valuable space, chock-a-block with unwanted electrical gimmicky gadgets and various devises of keep fit torture.

It makes perfect sense to free-up that space to a useful end; the model railway, a spare bedroom, bathroom, TV room or exotic massage parlour. The possibilities are almost endless.

A loft conversion, for whatever purpose, is a no-brainer addition to the any household: because:

  1. Utilises under-used space
  2. May well increase property value
  3. Much less expensive than building an extension
  4. Less red-tape involved
  • The Red Tape

As with most things in life, it pays to seek advice from specialists before diving into the murky treacherous waters of planning regulations, building regs and various small-print burocratic annoyances.

Fortunately, and usually, burocratic obstacles in respect of loft conversions are not overly ‘picky’ nor convoluted.  Although, it pays not to be complacent; get advice from a local experienced loft conversion company. A specialist company will know all the possible pitfalls and legal requirements.

Furthermore they’ll advise as to whether your loft conversion requirements are realistic and achievable.

  • Fit for purpose?

Your specialist loft conversion company will, before attempting to unravel red tape, need to survey your loft to ensure the space is within regulation dimensions and suitably structured to accommodate the strain of conversion.

Before an expert eye has assessed possibilities all else is irrelevant. However, ensure that you only get advice from someone with that all important expertise.

Bad advice could well lead to a shoddy outcome and an unnecessarily wasted investment opportunity.

  • How to find a good loft conversion company

First off, find a company, online, with a multitude of impeccable testimonials and one with an impressive portfolio of clients. This will likely indicate that the company employs a vastly experienced team of craftsmen.

A good company will have a professional website presentation packed with examples of their work, tips and advice to help with the planning of your loft conversion.

When you’ve located a likely candidate give the company a call. You will, hopefully, receive a warm welcome and an opportunity to discuss your precise requirements.

An on the ball company will offer a FREE survey of your loft space to determine possibilities, offer suggestions and provide a quote.

Expect nothing less!

  • How to find a good loft conversion company in Surrey

That’s a simple task, why waste time with hit and miss searches on the web? Go straight to the premiere loft conversion company in the Surrey … and that’s SURREY LOFTS!

A well-established loft conversation company with extremely high standards in craftsmanship. What’s more, SURREY LOFTS’ innovative designs are wonders to behold, as their website gallery lays testament.

SURREY LOFTS set high standards but not at extortionate prices.

So, should you live in the Surrey area and have a rubbish-tip loft then why not consider making good use of this valuable space?

Contact SURREY LOFTS now and start assembling that train set!

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