Five Benefits from Installing Commercial Roller Shutters

Five Benefits from Installing Commercial Roller Shutters

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There are many ways to secure a business against theft, fire, and extreme weather, including installing roller shutters on windows and inside of warehouses or factories. Along with protecting your company from monetary losses, they can protect the lives of your employees. Here are five benefits of installing commercial roller shutters on your business property.

Theft Protection

Sealing off the front of your shop after closing time can help prevent break-ins by protecting glass windows and doorways. Extruded roller shutters can also protect mechanic shops or warehouses from theft since they are three times stronger than standard roller shutters.

Heavy-gauge aluminium shutters are difficult to penetrate, especially if there is a security system connected to them. Most thieves would bypass a business with a roller shutter protecting it as it would take too long to break in.

Fire Protection

Depending on the location of your business, a roller shutter can help protect the building from bushfires. Since they are common in some areas of the country, it is difficult to predict when a fire is going to be ignited and spread rapidly. With a fire-rated roller shutter protecting your storefront, shop, or factory, your business may avoid significant damages.

Protect Employees

Fire-rated Perth roller shutters can be installed inside of a large warehouse or factory to protect employees from fires or chemical spills. If an accident occurs and chemicals spill or a fire starts, the section where the problem is can be evacuated and the roller shutter shut to contain the fire, fumes, or spills. The shutter can keep fire, spills, or fumes from spreading so that everyone can safely evacuate the premises.

Create Secure Storage

A business can have a custom-designed roller shutter installed in its building to create a secure area for storing financial records, sensitive documents, or expensive merchandise. The shutter can protect the contents of the room from fire and theft so the company doesn’t receive damages from preventable losses.

A programmable digital lock with codes can help control access to the room so when managers leave the company, their codes can be erased from the system. The code will allow the owner to find out who went into the room if something turns up missing.

Weather Protection

Heavy-duty roller shutters can protect storefronts from dangerous weather such as cyclones and hailstones. When a cyclone hits, debris is strewn about from flying objects such as trees, garbage bins, and building materials.

Instead of the windows and door of your business shattering, the shutter can protect the glass from flying debris. In addition, if it is hailing during a bad storm, hailstones will bounce off the shutter instead of shattering the glass of your storefront.

Even though your roller shutters may sustain damage during a storm or fire, they will protect your business from the damage they cause. By installing one, you may also get discounts on your insurance for providing additional security measures to protect your business. Roller shutters come in a variety of colours so they look aesthetically pleasing too.

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