Five Good Reasons Why HedgerowsAre Important to a Garden

Five Good Reasons Why HedgerowsAre Important to a Garden

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Hedgerowsare made up of a line of plantings which are grown together so as to create thegreen barrier known as a hedge. Hedge laying has been with us for centuries, as can be seen in some beautiful gardens such as the one at the Versailles palace in France.

For those out there who wish to know more about hedgerows, let’s learn more:

  1. Make Up is Not Only for Women!

Hedgerows can be created from trees, shrubs, plants, and grasses. Different factors can dictate what materials can be utilised, and these include the reason for the hedge, the climate, and styling requirements. A number of hedgesout there are centuries old and naturally require some regular maintenance. These wonderful examples of living history are nowadays under increasing threat along with tree removal, and measures are being taken to preserve and protect them from elimination.

  1. Why do People Have Hedgerows?

One of the most basic reasons to have a hedgerow is to basically create a natural barrier, which may be either symbolic or practical. Practical barriers can be used to contain cattle, while the symbolic type can distinguish between property lines, or make a visible boundary marker. But most good people put up hedgerows for decorative reasons, and are particularly found in formal gardens, where hedges line the plantings.

  1. Types

There are a number of different types of hedge laying and in every case, it is important to properly form the hedgerow from the beginning, because otherwise it may grow out of control or too speedily, and create gaps which will widen with time. Professional arborists in Sydney practice certain tricks to ensure that plants will grow as you wish, and can assist you with expert landscape trimming maintenance to help keep its shape and vitality.

  1. Functions and Uses

Aside from acting as a barrier, hedgerows can be used for many other functions. The dense plant material forms a habitat for a number of animals, birds, and insects, and can also act as a perfectly natural windbreak. Hedgerows can also assist in contributing to erosion control by keeping soil in place and they can also scale down pollution of soil and waterways by trapping pollutants. They can further go on to create nature’s exceptional noise barriers, especially when being allowed to grow large, and are helpful in weed and invasive plant control.

  1. Experienced

It may take some time for a hedgerow to grow itself to maturity, even though some plants happen to grow a lot faster than others. People who wish for hedgerows which will develop rapidly should contact and consult experienced hedge layers and gardeners to find out which plants will grow quickly in their area.

Beauty is Only Hedgerow Deep!

Hedgerows are and always will be a mainstay of gardens worldwide and are becoming even more popular by the day. Make your garden even more beautiful with some great looking hedging, or if you have already, make sure it stays that way!

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