A Guide to Creating the Perfect Patio

A Guide to Creating the Perfect Patio

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If your home is exactly how you like it, you probably spent a good few years and a lot of money to achieve this, yet there is one area that is often overlooked, and that is the garden. If you select the right area, building a terrace adjacent to the home will give you a lot more living space, and summers will take on a whole new meaning.

  • Selecting the Location – Your patio should be easily accessible, and a majority of homeowners choose the dining room exterior wall as the site for bifold patio doors, as it backs onto the garden. Sliding units are also an option, and by removing the window and installing a made to measure set of doors, you have the perfect access to your new patio. There are online suppliers of tailor made windows and doors, and for a patio, there are many styles and designs, and with a professional installation, you have the perfect entrance to your new al fresco area.
  • The Patio Doors – The wider you can go with these, the better, as long as there is structural support in the form of a lintel, and with either sliding or bifolding doors, you can have the ideal entrance to your new terrace.
  • The Patio Base – This would be a poured concrete base to a depth of at least 4 inches, and once this is set, you can prepare to lay the paving. One isn’t limited in the choice of surface material for a terrace, and while some prefer to disorganised look of crazy paving, others opt for the timeless durability of natural stone. Whatever your choice, this can be done in a single weekend, or if you’d prefer, call in a landscaping expert, who can also help with the design.
  • Awnings – One would require a level of shading, and with modern, motorised awnings, you have the ultimate in shading control at the touch of a button. High quality fabric assures durability and with some truly unique designs and patterns, you can create the ideal al fresco dining area for you and your family.
  • Built In Barbecue – This is the ideal cooking solution, and there is a wide range of styles, with perhaps a stone base that has the grill built in, or alternatively, you could splash out on an outdoor kitchen, which is great if you like to entertain.
  • Fencing – Fencing around a patio area gives it some depth, and with a choice of timber, aluminium, or even glass, you can be very creative.
  • Lighting – LED lighting allows the homeowner to be creative like never before, and with LED strips, you can add some subtle lighting in the strangest of places. Under the window sill or even drape a few over shrubs, which is guaranteed to give your home a Disney look in the evenings.

Creating a patio gives the homeowner many advantages, and with the right screening, the area can also be used outside of the summer months.

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