A Guide to Water Safety Risk Assessment

A Guide to Water Safety Risk Assessment

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Clean uncontaminated water flows through the taps of most of our households; we generally have little to fear by way of contamination. However, there is still a need for water to be ‘risk assessed’ for dangerous impurities such as the lethal legionella bacteria that’s responsible for legionnaire’s disease.

  • Most at risk

Water supplies to heavily populated residence and workplaces should be thoroughly risk assessed; an outbreak of legionnaire’s disease would be calamitous.

Wherever there’s a water supply there is always a risk of contamination, through accident or simply bad water management. The risk of a legionella outbreak may not be great but it could potentially prove devastating and extremely costly in terms of wellbeing and/or loss of income.

  • Peace of mind

We want to be reassured that our hospitals, our workplace, our schools and public buildings are safe; indeed we expect the management of such properties toexercise due diligence and provide clean water!

A water safety risk assessment, in the grand scheme of things, will not be expensive.

A specialist water hygiene company will be able to quickly detect and eliminate any signs of a legionella risk and, for that matter, any other lurking harmful pests.

Water risk assessment is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

  • Where to find a specialist water hygiene company

Of course, the internet is the obvious source. The problem is not so much locating a company as finding one with stellar credentials and bags of experience.

Pureflow Solutions Ltd would be an excellent starting point, here is a business that sets the standards to which others can only aspire.


Pureflow Solutions have that in abundance; they are vastly experienced with an impressive portfolio. Their website highlights a few case studies, informative, reassuring stuff!


Pureflow Solutions offer the most comprehensive solution for all water maintenance concerns; they will ‘water sample’and thoroughly inspect your water system. All areas of potential concern will be highlighted in a detailed risk assessment.

Given the go-ahead, Pureflow will fix the problems, by disinfestation, cleaning storage tanks or, whatever it takes! Pureflow have all the solutions. Their mission is to ensure a perfectly clean and safe water supply to your staff, customers, residents, clients and, not forgetting, yourself.

And, by the way, Pureflow Solutions are more than compliant with the HSE’s (Health Safety and Environment) approved code of practices.

Guidance and advice

Stress not, Pureflow has an efficient help service. Just go to their site and briefly type your concerns in the appropriate boxes. Alternatively, you could give them a ring; some new-fangled idea I assume. Whatever, you’ll get to speak to someone in the know and someone who will render sound and precise advice.

There’s no commitment at this stage, so make that enquiry before it’s too late!

  • In conclusion

The conclusion can only be … better safe than sorry.  Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t drink out of a muddy puddle! So why should you, or anyone else, be exposed to untested, non-compliant, water that flows from a tap or water fountain?

A water safety risk assessment is a no brainer, protect yourself, your employees, the public and yourself.

Pureflow Solutions Ltdmission is to protect us all.

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