Important Information about Bitumen Repair Work

Important Information about Bitumen Repair Work

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Bitumen is a viscous mixture that is commonly made by distilling petroleum of different grades. It is most commonly used in the building of roads and other civil projects, and is mixed with tar to give it a hardened texture. However, like any other material used in civil projects, bitumen also has a set life. With the passage of time, it tends to get damaged and needs to be repaired. This is not something that you can do on your own; bitumen cannot be repaired easily and requires an expert with specialised equipment to complete the work.

Common Services

Bitumen repair work is generally done by specialised companies that offer a range of other services. He following are some of the most common repair services that you can expect from such companies:

  • Creating speed humps
  • Repairing potholes
  • Cutting and repairing bitumen
  • Building ramps
  • Creating water diverters
  • Installing or repairing driveways made from asphalt or bitumen
  • Profiling, sweeping or performing minor earthworks
  • Re-instating trenches around a property
  • Repairing and installing new drain systems and soakwells
  • Sealing cracks on asphalt roads and surfaces
  • Completing minor brick paving and concrete repair work
  • Hiring a truck or mini bobcat
  • Marking lines on a parking lot
  • Building wheel stops and bollards
  • Building elevated crossings for pedestrians
  • Modifying small islands
  • Pressure cleaning

As you can see, most of these services are related to civil projects and are generally done using specialised equipment. If you want to get any work done related to bitumen in Perth, it’s best to call someone who is experienced enough to handle these materials. Many people often use the words asphalt and bitumen interchangeably. Bitumen is basically the tar-like surface that’s applied on the surface in the beginning of the process, whereas the asphalt refers to the hardened product at the end of the process. Conventional pavement or tarmac is also made from asphalt.

Getting Repair Work Done

If your driveway has been damaged due to wear and tear, you can schedule an appointment with a local bitumen repair company. The company will send over a team to the given address to first survey the damage and then give you a quote for the repair work. While you can buy commercial equipment from local stores and try to repair the damage on your own, it’s better if you let a professional do the job.

The company will give you a quote for the repair work so you can decide whether it’s worth paying the money for the service or not. You can also negotiate with the company’s experts to whittle down the price as much as possible before settling on a price. Once you confirm the deal, the company will dispatch a unit with specialised equipment used primarily for bitumen repair work. They will get to work on your property and fix the bitumen surface completely. It will take a day or two to dry after it is completed, so do not walk on the surface immediately afterward.

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