Inexpensive Ways to Revamp the Garden

Inexpensive Ways to Revamp the Garden

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Summer is almost upon us and this is the time to prepare the garden furniture and clean the patio, in preparation for those sunny afternoons with family and friends. If your garden is looking a little jaded, here are some ideas on how to brighten things up and make the area more inviting.

  • Shading and Screening – Modern awnings are amazing, with motorised, retractable units that can be remotely operated, allowing the homeowner complete control over shading. The sun is always on the move and having a system whereby you can alter the shading at the touch of a button is the ultimate convenience. A few window awnings and you will have a traditional alfresco look, perfect for summer parties and late breakfasts, and with an impressive range of colours and patterns, you can create a unique ambience.
  • Timber Fencing – Every home needs fencing, and if yours has seen better days, why not replace it with a timber design?You can even find online fencing suppliers in Oxford who stock an extensive range of fencing products, and usually can deliver nationwide. Trellis fencing really adds character to any property, or you might prefer the traditional closed timber panels, which come in a range of designs
  • Lighting – This is one area where you can really make a difference, and LED solutions enable you to be creative. You can install dimmer switches, and even motion sensors that automatically turn on the lights when a person nears. LED lighting also comes in strips, which can be attached to the undersides of the exterior window sills, which really does give the home a warm glow. Ground lighting is ideal for gardens, and if you have timber decking, floor lights can be inserted, which gives a whole new dimension to the garden at night.
  • Shrubs and Hanging Plants – If you purchased a few stylish timber trellis panels, you can hang pot plants or use it as a base for climbing varieties, while also planting some conifers in suitable locations, which always adds a healthy green glow. A nice row of conifers behind the timber fencing is always an eye pleaser, and with well-tended borders and a closely cropped lawn, your garden will be a place the whole family love to spend their downtime.
  • Replace the Front Gates – If you already have timber fencing, you might want to consider designing a timber set of gates that complements the front of the home. A five bar gate might be suitable, especially if your home is a rustic dwelling, and you can actually order quality timber fencing and gating online, with established suppliers who can deliver to your door.

If you are a little creative and resourceful, it is possible to effect major changes in the garden without spending a fortune, and any of the above ideas would surely make a positive addition to your living space.

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