Ladders or Scaffolding Towers, Which One is Best?

Ladders or Scaffolding Towers, Which One is Best?

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Whether you are working on a building site or a home, if it requires you to work at height, it is vital that you use the right type of equipment to ensure you reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. If you are still being trained, it is best that you have a supervisor monitoring you at all times, this also applies to household work, DIY jobs at home should be carried out using more than one person.


The construction industry is beginning to realise that when it comes to working at heights, using ladders can be incredibly dangerous. Last year in the UK alone, there were close to 50,000 people injured from falling off a ladder at work. Ladders account for 40% of accidents involving falls in the UK, emergency departments deal with a variety of injuries caused by falls related to the misuse of ladders while working both at home and on the job.

Scaffolding Towers

Scaffolding towers are an extremely stable and safe alternative to ladders, they can be used for a variety of tasks both at home and on-site. If you or your employees are carrying out work above ground level, it is imperative that you consider using scaffolding towers to improve safety measures. With the amount of recorded accidents in the UK last year as a result of people falling from ladders, it is safe to assume that scaffold towers are the safest alternative to using a ladder to work above ground level, both at home and for commercial use.

Where can scaffolding towers be erected?

Scaffolding towers are great for tradesmen who mostly work alone and need to reach heights to carry out maintenance or repair work. They also provide home owners with a stable, sturdy platform to conduct external outdoor work which must be done at a considerable height. Here are just two of the many areas in which scaffolding towers can be used:

  1. DIY Enthusiasts

If you are a DIY enthusiast who enjoys carrying out home repairs and reconstruction work, you’ll benefit from purchasing a scaffolding tower over a traditional ladder. They are much safer because they surround the user with guardrails and the structure stands on four legs as opposed to two, making the base more stable.

  1. Painting & Decorating

If you run a commercial business, painting and decorating home or industrial premises, mobile access towers are perfect for you. They are made from lightweight material which is easy to transport and can be erected in all types of areas. Even if you work alone, you’ll have no issues building a scaffolding tower in just a few short hours.

When it comes to selecting a product for working at heights, there is no comparison between ladders and scaffolding towers. The one obvious benefit is safety, scaffolding towers are enclosed by handrails making it difficult to fall off the unit, one false move on a ladder and you could easily find yourself flat on your back.

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