Lettings in Long Eaton

Lettings in Long Eaton

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If you’re thinking of moving to Long Eaton, then congratulations- you’re making a great choice! This quiet town is just seven miles away from Nottingham, so it’s ideal for those who work in the city, but want to live somewhere that’s not as crowded. On the other hand, lettings in Long Eaton are perfectly primed to take advantage of planned developments in the area, as more and more people will flock to the town for work.

Thanks to its close proximity to Nottingham, Long Eaton has excellent transport links. While it’s firmly in the suburbs, you won’t feel cut off from reality- it’s just a short drive to the city, and you’re only nine miles from Derby, too. Unlike a lot of suburbs, which can be a real pain in the neck to get to, Long Eaton is just minutes away on the train from the cities, and bus rides don’t take long, either. That means you can save yourself from sitting in traffic on your morning commute, and speed into town on public transport with no hassle!

There’s also a lot of development planned in the area, so small towns will soon become business hubs with plenty of prospects for younger workers. Not that Long Eaton has a shortage of jobs at the moment though- unemployment is remarkably low, showing that this is a town with some serious job potential. Whether you already work in the area, or are looking to make a move to an office in Nottingham or Derby, Long Eaton is the perfect place to move, since there are so many opportunities in the surrounding area.

However, be warned- rental properties in Long Eaton are in high demand, and therefore they move fast. If your chosen letting agent doesn’t have their finger on the pulse, then the perfect property for you could well have been snatched up by somebody else.If you’re planning a move to Long Eaton and you’re looking to rent, then your best bet is Ogilvy &Sneyd. That’s because they are a local company, and can therefore give you a more tailored service when it comes to finding the perfect property. Whether you’re looking for a flat or a whole house, they will be able to match you up with the ideal place to live!

For landlords, Ogilvy &Sneyd are also the perfect pick. With low rates and an excellent knowledge of the local market, they are able to find tenants fast, and ensure that you don’t face any hassle. As they fully manage the entire letting process, they take the stress out of landlords’ work, and also ensure that tenants always have someone to turn to if they need help.

So, whether you’re looking to let out or rent a property in Long Eaton, make sure you make the smart choice, and team up with Ogilvy &Sneyd. This fast-growing lettings agent is making leaps and bounds in the local area, and bring a professional, personal touch to an industry that can often feel cold and heartless. Save yourself a whole heap of hassle, and let them take care of everything for you today!

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