Are You in the Mood for a Kitchen Renovation?

Are You in the Mood for a Kitchen Renovation?

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The humble kitchen has undergone many changes over the centuries as a place in the home. Only a hundred years ago, the kitchen was transitioning from a purely utilitarian room in the home where meals were made to a room where people gathered and talked to one another. Certainly, before the First World War, the kitchen was largely viewed as a functional venue for the preparation of food and the dining room was where people ate.

The Role of the Modern Kitchen

These days, the kitchen is widely considered the heart of the home. It is a place where meals are prepared but is also where people eat, socialise, work, and enjoy their leisure time. Part of the reason for this is that kitchens have grown in size and they have incorporated the traditional dining space into their domain so that modern homeowners enjoy a much larger open plan space.

In the context of the kitchen’s central role in the modern home, it is a room that also enjoys major renovations. In fact, the kitchen is so central that it can even sell a home! This is why so many people are interested in renovating the kitchen and modernising it. Not only does this add market value but it also provides a much more enjoyable and functional space for the homeowners.

How Should You Renovate Your Kitchen?

When it comes to renovation and kitchen installation in Dorset, there are so many choices. Indeed, anyone could pick up a home design magazine and browse a multitude of different styles. Starting this way is a good idea if you are feeling overwhelmed at the number of design choices. Here are just a few of the modern kitchen designs that are popular:

  • The Chrome and White Look: Nothing says “modern” more than a high-gloss chrome and white finish. It is also popular to add black accents to really enhance the high-end finish and to add a touch of sophistication.
  • The Clever Kitchen: There are a wide range of space-saving and energy-efficient kitchen appliances on the market today. Paired with a sophisticated modern look, a range of sleek appliances can be cleverly incorporated that take full advantage of the available space and meld well with the overall design. It is also not uncommon to find cupboards and pantries that incorporate space-saving measures.
  • The Country Kitchen: If you crave a little more warmth and something of a rustic feel in your kitchen, why not opt for a country kitchen? Many modern kitchens use granite, stone, chrome, and even concrete finishes to provide a sleek and minimalist look but the country kitchen uses more wood grain and a warmer palette of colours in its final look. While still a modern kitchen, the rustic look of this design is sophisticated without being overbearing.

There is no doubt that the kitchen has undergone a radical transformation in terms of how it is used and the way that it is perceived over the last century. If your kitchen is looking a little old and tired, why not modernise it with a great new design?

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