Planning the Perfect Open House: A 4 Step Guide

Planning the Perfect Open House: A 4 Step Guide

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Homes sales often boil down to a successful open house. Home sellers who provide an excellent open house create a lasting impressive on potential buyers, whereas home sellers whose presentation is lackluster drive away qualified buyers. Most home buyers make up their initial decision based on first impressions, so deciding to take the time and properly set up an eye-popping open house is important. Knocking your open house out of the ballpark is easy, and by following a few easy steps—brought to you by the brightest minds in realty—you’ll deliver a stellar presentation without too much hassle or expense.


HGTV recommends improving your home’s appeal by removing any clutter, via recycling, donations, renting a storage facility or hiring a junk removal service. “Clutter can cost a sale. Rent a storage unit or portable pod for extraneous pieces of furniture or knickknacks. Another idea is to ask a friend if you can borrow some space in his or her garage.”

In addition to clearing unwanted items, you’ll also want to clean up individual rooms and make the aesthetics of each minimalist. It’s important to de-personalize your (now former) house. Buyers want to see themselves living there; they don’t care what your decorator’s vision looks like.

Use Social Media

Bankrate advises home sellers use social media and other online applications or advertising services to their fullest extent. Forums like social media and Craigslist are essentially free advertising that can sometimes do wonders to bring in new customers. “Make sure your agent uses the latest technology to market your house. Agents can advertise open houses on a host of popular real estate sites, such as,,, and portals on Yahoo and Google, says Joan Pratt, real estate broker with RE/MAX Professionals in Castle Pines, Colo.”

Relying on online and mobile resources also save you money on paper flyers and brochures. Bankrateacknowledges, “these days, many agents put all of that information online, says Pat Vredevoogd Combs, past-president of the National Association of Realtors and vice president of Coldwell Banker AJS Schmidt in Grand Rapids, Mich. People are more likely to read the material online, she says. And she finds that most of her attendees have reviewed it before they come to the open house.”

Optimize Storage Space recommends that “storage space is a vital selling point of any property. More is more when it comes to the nooks and crannies of where to put belongings. Cluttered linen closets, kitchen cabinets and bedroom closets make it appear that your home doesn’t have enough storage. Solve this issue by streamlining and organizing all these spaces – we guarantee a buyer is going to look.”

Additionally, look into hiring a junk removal service to haul away any of the trash you find when you’re finishing re-organizing your home.

Don’t Be Around

US News argues that you shouldn’t be anywhere near the open house. In case you must be present, you should go to great lengths to avoid any contact or interaction with potential buyers. “You shouldn’t be home during an open house. If you’re absent, buyers will feel more comfortable asking questions to the realtor, and discussing the benefits and drawbacks of your home. You’ll also feel better not having to hear all of the potential buyers’ opinions first hand. Find something fun to do that will take your mind off of things. And if you have pets, make sure you take them with you.”

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