A Step By Step Guide to Spring Cleaning the Home

A Step By Step Guide to Spring Cleaning the Home

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It should be a once a year activity, although for many UK homeowners, the very thought of cleaning tends to postpone the event, yet eventually, you will reach the point where you simply have no choice. If you are moving, for example, then a big clean prior to occupancy is the perfect way to move in, and if your tenancy is about to expire, you will need to restore the property to its former, clean self. Whether you are relocating or just cleaning the home, here is a step by step guide on how to effectively deep clean your home.

  • Create a Plan – Every major project must begin on the drawing board, and cleaning the home is best planned by first thinking about what materials you will need. The list will be long and would include all the equipment you do not have – mops, buckets, and dusters – and suitable bathroom and kitchen cleaning products, along with a good supply of black plastic bin bags. Once the list is complete, online cleaning supplies are your best bet, as they will have everything you need and can deliver to your door. Spend some time thinking about what you actually have and what you do not, and with a single purchase, you will be ready for the big day.
  • Assign Tasks – If you are doing the clean on your own, be prepared for an exhaustive weekend, otherwise, you should assign tasks to other family members. The children can be given chores that are age suitable, and with everyone knowing their own responsibilities, the work will be completed in no time.
  • Covering Furniture – Assuming you are working one room at a time, you need to cover all the furniture in the room prior to starting the clean. Old sheets and blankets are the perfect solution for protecting the furniture and if you only need a few, as you are working room to room. Anything that is portable should be removed from the room and all electrical items unplugged.
  • The Ceilings – No matter what room you are going to clean, start with the ceiling and by using a lengthy duster, make sure all the cobwebs are removed and brush as much of the ceiling as you can, remembering to go around light fittings. Once the dusting is complete, wait 10-15 minutes for the dust to settle, then you can carefully take the covering sheets outside and give them a good shaking before using them in another room.
  • Flooring – If you have carpets at home, you can either hire a deep cleaning machine and do this yourself, or call in a professional carpet cleaner when the job is complete and he can do the whole house.

The ideal time to do this would be a long weekend, and with plenty of space in the garden, you will not be hindered in any way. Online suppliers will have all the cleaning equipment and products you need, and by working on one room at a time, the work will soon be finished and you and the family can relax.

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