Tips for Choosing Wall Panels for Your Dream Bathroom

Tips for Choosing Wall Panels for Your Dream Bathroom

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Renovating your bathroom or planning a new one can be a daunting yet exciting task. You have more choices in terms of the fixtures you want in your bathroom. You can also achieve the look of the bathroom that you’ve always wanted.

One of the major issues you have to decide on is the panelling for your bathroom walls. This can also present a problem because there are various colours, textures, designs, sizes and prices.

A bit of research can help you make a good choice in bathroom wall panels. Browse magazines and websites to find the look that you want and the panel that appeals to your style in mind. Of course you also have to consider other things such as budget and the type of material.

Tips to keep in mind before you buy

  1. Your budget will help you to find wall panels that are within your price range, thus saving time in looking for the right ones. If your budget is tight, consider fibreglass panels that are lower in price. For a mid-price budget, you can choose from a solid surface, decorative faux stone or acrylic. When your budget is open, you can choose from natural stones like marble or granite or modern high-gloss acrylic.
  2. Be sure to measure your bathroom area carefully. Fibreglass panels for example come in standard sizes. Other materials, like high gloss acrylic, solid surface and decorative walls with PVC backing can be custom-cut to fit the space to be covered.
  3. Think of the maintenance of the finished bathroom project. If you lead a hectic life, maintaining and cleaning grout joints when you use natural stone or tiles could be a challenge. If this is the case, look into fibreglass, acrylic or solid surface systems that provide the look of stone or tile without the actual grout. Or you can choose the seamless, clean and grout-free look of high gloss panels.
  4. Determine who will be installing the panels. Can you do it yourself? If you want to save on the cost of paying a professional installer and choose to install the panel yourself, it will be easier if you choose a solid surface, faux stone walling with PVC backing or fibreglass. The contraction/expansion properties of acrylic wall panels could be a challenge for a novice. Leave their installation in the hands of a professional.
  5. Consider the accessories you need, such as a corner or bench seat, decorative trim, recessed niches or something as simple as a soap dish. Standard wall panels for the bathroom offer limited accessories whereas the solid surface and PVC systems have more choices.

Bathroom wall panels come in a variety of designs and materials to fit consumer preferences. Look into the properties of each, including cost, durability, functionality, aesthetics and hygiene.

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