Why You Want Glass for Your Pool Fence

Why You Want Glass for Your Pool Fence

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Everyone has heard of glass coffee tables and windows. When most people think of glass, they think of fragility and visible defects, such as chips and cracks. Few people have heard about the strength, durability and aesthetic appeal of glass pool fencing. If you own a pool, you want a material that lasts as long as the house does. Learn more about why glass is an appealing choice for your residential pool fence.

A Strong Fence Provides Security

You want a pool that remains secure, whether you stay at home all day or go on trips often. Build a fence to keep people away from the pool. Also, no owner wants a child or animal to wander into the area and fall in accidentally. The perimeter of the pool is covered in tile or stone that promotes slippage if it gets wet. These slips and falls are guaranteed to happen if a fence is not built.

A Glass Fence Reduces Intrusions

A glass fence is different from a wood fence. You are able to see directly into the pool area and know who is using it. Using a transparent fence is a good way to deter intruders. If you live in a high-crime neighbourhood, you may have people lurking around the backyard. They will not lurk if they see a glass fence.

A Glass Fence Is Long Lasting

A glass pool fence is thick enough to resist breakage and last for decades. Similarly, the glass cover of a coffee table is built with the same level of thickness. This type of glass is designed not to break, even if dropped with force. A pool owner must buy the right type of glass and know that it is manufactured for durability.

It is common for people to have dangerous accidents with glass. They break glass dishware on the floor and step on pieces. When you build a strong glass fence, you worry little about suffering from accidents. In fact, birds and people can try to penetrate the glass without any success. That is why pool owners must work with a qualified glass fence company.

Unlike wood, glass does not rot in the presence of moisture. Wood is known to rot, shrivel and turn all kinds of colours and textures if it touches too much water. To build your fence, you may want to reconsider using wood. If you live in an area where flooding is common, build a fence that does not get uprooted easily. Also, hurricane-strength winds are known to knock over wood fences easily. So you want pool fences, like glass ones, which are strong enough to stay in the ground.

Invest in Glass for Your Pool

Glass is a visually appealing material that is also strong and durable. You want a glass fence that protects the integrity of your pool and promotes an attractive, see-through perimeter. You have options when it comes to glass fencing. Either have the professionals come in to build the fence or do the work yourself. Find the services you need from a company like Glazing Vision.

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